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Our Mission

We aim to provide our patients with phenomenal service and leave a legacy of compassionate care. Vital RX Pharmacy promises to be a trusted source of well-researched and practical education that will benefit you and your family’s overall health.

Pharmacy Near Me Brampton

Medication Organization

Are you a senior or have a senior at homewho is confused with all the medicationsthat needs to be taken? Forgets to take medication? The consequence can be severe. Our team can help you organize your medication in  compliance pack  by day and time, to ensure you or your loved one never miss out on another medication again! It is FREE

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Medication Synchronization

Avoid multiple pharmacy visits. If you order multiple medications, you can receive them all at the same time, rather than coming back multiples times to pick different medications. A great time saver! Ask our pharmacist how.

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Refill Reminders

Worried about not remembering to pick your refill medicines? Ask for our Refill Reminder service. Our team will refill your medicines and give you areminder call. It is for FREE.

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Medication Review and Medschek consultation

In this private consultation with the pharmacist, our pharmacist will review your medications and identify any issues that may affect you adversely. We also provide you with ways to improve your health and any information you need. Book your appointment

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Our Team

Vital RX Pharmacy consists of seasoned professionals who are committed to providing thorough care to their patients. We continue to broaden our knowledge and services to help more people. Our team enjoys educating patients about the latest medical products and practices. With some of the sharpest minds working collectively, our team stays ahead of the pharmacy field by obtaining the latest certificates in a variety of medical areas. Combined, we have the skill set and experience needed in every part of the industry to ensure our patients get the best available care.

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