Dealing with pain is never easy, and many people hesitate to turn to medications because they fear addiction and choose to ignore their pain instead. This should never be the case because pain will affect every aspect of your life and will prevent you from living, so you need to address this issue right away.

The good news is that there are non-addictive medications you can take for safer pain management. These options will provide you with relief, and you won’t have to worry about side effects like addiction. Compounding non-addictive medications is especially beneficial because these medications will be specific to your pain and its needs, so you will notice a very big difference.

You can consider over-the-counter oral medications, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. These are all common pain treatment options that are non-addictive, so you will not form a dependency. While these medications may help, the problem is that they don’t work well for everyone because they are not specific to your pain and are meant for a wide variety of people. They are general pain relievers and may not be able to provide relief to those who suffer from chronic pain.

Pain is specific to each person and can occur in different areas, and common oral pain medications cannot target your needs. Opioids are known to help, but there is always the threat of forming a drug dependency, so most people prefer to stay away from this option. Lastly, both opioids and over-the-counter pain relief medications can produce side effects, and while this information may sound hopeless, the reality is that there are options that will work for you, and compounded medications are the answer.

Pain is unique to each individual, and your medication should be unique as well. Compounded medication will allow you to access non-addictive medications that are accurate and safe, and you will have peace of mind knowing the treatment is right for you. During this process, pharmacists can adjust, alter or combine different medications to fit your individual needs. Compounding can turn an oral pill into a liquid form, it can adjust dosages and even provide flavour or combine formulas. This is extremely helpful because it gives patients more control over their treatment which will be far more accurate, so you will actually experience relief.

Compounding also allows medications to be combined, which is another advantage. Those who deal with chronic pain often take multiple different medications, so combining them would be very helpful. Even common pain relievers can be combined, so you will have different options.

Vital RX Pharmacy offers compounding services, so we will help you find relief. We understand that your pain is specific to you and will provide you with the appropriate medications based on your needs. If you have questions regarding compounding medications or are looking for non-addictive medications for safer pain management, we can help, so come and visit us today.