Diabetes negatively impacts the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body, but can also affect many other aspects of the body, including the eyes. Many people that live with diabetes are unaware of the impact. It can have or has been having on their eye health. This is why scheduling routine eye examinations and visiting the Vital RX diabetes clinic in Brampton is so crucial to maintaining good health.

There are specific vision diseases that occur as a direct result of diabetes, which can be detected early enough to keep eyes in a healthy condition. To learn more about these diseases and how they impact your vision, check out our informative guide below.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy occurs when small blood vessels in the eyes leak yellowish fluid or blood into the eye. This condition may be detected early on as blurry vision or floaters in the eye before it progresses into a diabetes complication. If these early vision problems do not resolve on their own or improve with medication, diabetic retinopathy will most likely occur. This disease can be prevented with blood sugar management and routine eye exams. High blood sugar causes blurred vision problems, which often dissipate naturally over a short period of time.

Diabetic Macular Edema (DME)

DME is a condition that develops as a result of untreated diabetic retinopathy or a progression of the diabetic retinopathy condition. DME can occur at any stage of the diabetic retinopathy disease. The condition is caused by macula, which is when the back of the eye becomes swollen with fluid. The macula is what controls driving and reading. Treating DME is based on the patient receiving anti-VEGF injections into their eyes. The medicine in the injection functions as a blockade against protein, which causes an increase in the growth of blood vessels. Reducing the amount of fluid in the eye, this medicine helps to restore the vision of the diabetic patient.


A cataract can occur in one or both eyes simultaneously and is a result of the eye lens becoming clouded because of excess protein in the lens. Although not exclusively caused as a result of developing diabetes, diabetic people are much more likely to develop this condition and developing at an earlier age. Receiving relief from cataract symptoms can be achieved by wearing anti-glare sunglasses or lenses for glasses. The most effective, long-term solution to combating cataracts is to receive eye surgery to remove the clouded eye lens and replace it with an optimal, artificial eye lens.

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