Compounding Pharmacy Caledon

Vital RX Pharmacy use specialized equipment to compound different medications for you at a fair price. Before drug manufacturing became a lucrative business, you would have always had to have your prescriptions compounded. Now, it is more challenging to get customized medicinal options.

Implementing a full health solution with mass-produced pharmaceuticals can be challenging. No two patients experience the same condition in the same manner. Compound medicines address these variations by providing a customized health solution intended to treat specific cases. Health Canada states that compounding drugs is ethical if it is done by a licensed practitioner from a licensed drugstore for a particular patient.

Compounding Pharmacy Brampton

Compounding services are especially advantageous for people who:

  • Have trouble taking or responding to commercially made medicines
  • Need an exact dose or strength of a prescription
  • Have allergies or sensitivities to preservatives and dyes
  • React negatively to the taste of oral medicine
  • Have trouble swallowing pills
  • Require a combination of drugs that are not commercially prepared

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