Our hands are constantly touching items and are in contact with other people and our own selves. This can allow germs to accumulate, so it is extremely important to keep our hands clean throughout the day. This will help prevent the spread of disease-carrying germs, and in order to do this successfully, most people rely on hand washing or hand sanitizers. Soap and water, and hand sanitizers will both limit the transmission of viruses and bacteria, but if you want to know which method is best, the following guide will provide you with answers.

Hand sanitizers are portable and accessible, so they are perfect when you are on the go. You can put one in your purse, pocket and keychain, so you will always be able to disinfect your hands. This is a very convenient option that allows people to fight against germs whenever water and soap are not available. This is a huge advantage, but it’s important to note that while hand sanitizers can neutralize most microbes, viruses and bacteria, they are not effective at neutralizing all of them, so they are not perfect. There are certain types of bacteria that sanitizers cannot protect against, and they can also leave a residue that may feel uncomfortable for some users.

Hand sanitizers are perfectly fine to use, but the reality is that most doctors will recommend hand soap and water as the better option. Hand sanitizers are great if you are in a pinch, but soap and water are always better because they are more thorough. This will help kill viruses and will effectively remove them from your hands, so if soap and water are available, choose this approach. This method will allow you to maintain hand hygiene and will clean your hands better than a sanitizer will. This is because soap kills germs and binds them, and also helps to physically remove them off your skin with the water. Sanitizer does not remove dirt and debris, so this is something you need to keep in mind when using this product.

Again, you won’t always have access to a sink and soap, so hand sanitizers will come in handy in these situations. Sometimes, hand sanitizer is the only option, and if that’s the case, you need to make sure the one you have is effective, which you can do by checking the ingredients. Sanitizers with upwards of 60% alcohol are considered good second alternatives, but if you can, look for up to 95% ethanol or isopropanol. Do not use sanitizers that are alcohol-free because there is not enough research regarding their effectiveness and buy quality-controlled and tested products instead.

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