If you are looking for a compounding pharmacy, it is important that you choose the right one, and the following information will help you choose a compounding pharmacy that can meet your needs:

Make Sure They Are Accredited

It is a must that the compounding pharmacy follows stringent standards and maintains the highest quality, so you need to confirm that they are accredited. This will provide you with peace of mind because you will know that the pharmacy gets their compounds from a trusted and reliable source. Specific protocols must be established and followed every time a prescription is prepared, and knowing the pharmacy is accredited will provide you with the best possible outcomes. Accreditation means the pharmacy sets and follows quality standards, complies with quality assurance and constantly controls and improves its facility and equipment, staff, documentation and testing programs.

Make Sure The Pharmacy Works With The Best Suppliers To Source Their Chemicals

The compounding pharmacy must be able to attest to the quality and source of their chemicals because this will ensure the integrity of their ingredients, which must be of the highest quality. The pharmacy must be able to confirm that every aspect, from the chemicals to the formula, can be confidently used to compound prescriptions.

Make Sure The Pharmacists Are Fully Trained And Qualified

Compounding pharmacists must be specially trained, and there are many types of specializations. Depending on the complexity of the medication, a higher level of training may be required, and the pharmacy must be able to provide you with what you need. The pharmacists need to have advanced training and must be able to counsel patients on the proper use of the compound medicine they are going to receive.

Make Sure The Pharmacy Provides A Sterile Environment

Stringent sterile compound preparation conditions must be met, so the environment must be controlled in terms of the right temperature, humidity and pressure. The lowest possible levels of pollutants must be present, meaning no dust, vapors, particles or airborne microbes should be present in the cleanroom where the compounding medicine is prepared. The environment must be strictly controlled to prevent contamination, so don’t hesitate to ask about their cleanroom and whether or not it is compliant with the necessary requirements. It’s also important to note that the pharmacists who work in a cleanroom must have extensive training in contamination control.

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