If you have diabetes, you understand that a blood glucose meter is a requisite for a healthier, safer life. Blood glucose monitors are small, portable computerized devices that display your blood sugar level from a drop of blood. However, there are a variety of monitors; ranging from simple at-home use devices to more advanced models that are equipped for storing the individual’s information. These systems provide the individual and their doctor with extremely important information regarding their stress, exercise and diet that can affect their blood sugar levels.

Having the right monitor for your needs is conducive to a more balanced, manageable lifestyle. Here’s Vital RX Pharmacy’s guide to the important factor to consider in a blood glucose monitor:

Insurance Coverage

Prior to selecting or upgrading to a new blood sugar meter, contact your insurance provider for details on coverage. Insurance companies often have a list of pre-approved monitors that they will cover. It’s crucial that you find out this information prior to selecting a specific model. Ensure you acquire any details on test strip information as well to see if your insurance company covers the cost of strips and additional supplies.

Cost of the Monitor

Blood glucose monitors will often vary in price range and, unfortunately, some insurance companies will not cover more expensive meters. If insurance does cover part of the overall cost, you may have to pay the difference. If you are not prescribed the meter test strips, Vital RX Pharmacy can inform you on the differing prices per test strip.

Maintenance and Use of the Monitor

It can be quite difficult to understand how easy the use of a monitor is without the guidance of a pharmacist. It’s important to ask our pharmacists at Vital RX Pharmacy questions about the system. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • Are you able to easily see your blood levels on the meter’s display screen?
  • Is it easy to get blood onto the test strips?
  • Is the meter compact and portable?
  • Does it require calibration when you get new strips?

Additional Features

Many individuals with diabetes choose to carry their monitor with them everywhere, which is why they have a compact system. However, others that already have too many devices to worry about, may prefer a larger monitor. Easy-to-read and/or verbal reads of your blood sugar levels from the device are an important feature for individuals with impaired vision or hearing. Other special features include:

  • Memory storage
  • Different storage options for test strips or a USB meter
  • Monitors that can also test for blood ketone levels
  • Backlit display screens for reading the monitor at night

Vital RX Pharmacy is your trusted, reliable diabetes clinic in Brampton for all of your needs. We are committed to continuously educating, empowering and assisting individuals with diabetes on how best to care for themselves. We work with the Canadian Diabetes Association to provide additional diabetes related services. We offer a free blood monitor with a purchase of 100 test strips. Call us or stop by Vital RX Pharmacy today to learn more!