As much as vaccinating your child may seem overwhelming, it is extremely necessary to ensure their health and safety. Vaccines protect your child from diseases such as polio and tetanus, but can also greatly decrease the spread of bacteria and diseases from one child to the other. It’s advised for children to get vaccinated starting at two months, and receiving regular vaccinations scheduled by a doctor.

As important as it is to vaccinate a child, vaccinating them on time is essential to ensure the best protection. Here’s more on the importance of on-time vaccination:

Follow The Schedule

After your child receives their first vaccination at 2 months, they must follow a schedule as closely as possible. This is imperative to the child’s health and protects against diseases that can have detrimental side effects, disabilities or death. The BC Routine Immunization Schedule for Infants & Children are vaccines which require more than one dose for long-lasting protection. Your doctor will inform you of the recommended amount of doses per vaccine, on schedule to protect your child.

Children are most vulnerable at this age and can be exposed to diseases that vaccines prevent. Following a schedule recommended by a doctor minimizes visits to the doctor’s office and less stress for yourself and your child.

Keep Track Of Vaccinations

All routine vaccinations are free of charge and covered by the government of Ontario. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform their doctor if the child has received a vaccination at school. Keep track of your child’s immunization record during each appointment; you can also use the government of Ontario’s website to set a schedule and reminders for vaccines on a calendar. The Government of Ontario will not disclose your child’s private records which ensures the information is in a safe place. Keeping an accurate and current record of the vaccination schedule will help if you move to another province or territory.

You can also print an immunization record card online to help you keep track.

What Happens If A Child Is Not Vaccinated?

There has recently been a resurgence of measles and chickenpox due to the number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children. For protection against diseases, Dr. Sharon Nachman, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Stony Brook Medicine, stated that 93% of the community must get vaccinated. When a child is not vaccinated, they are at risk of developing fatal diseases that are otherwise avoidable.

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